Brand Name Deodorant And Store Label Alternatives

Many people always choose the same deodorant that they have purchased over the previous years. Brand awareness, familiarity, ease of access, and the power of advertising means many people are willing to pay the premium prices for deodorants. Costing almost twice as much as store label alternatives, is there really any reason to continue buying the brand name options?

Brand Name Deodorants

The main advantage big brand and designer deodorants have is their advertising ability. While supermarkets and other convince stores produce high quality deodorants, designer deodorant the massive produce ranges means they cannot afford to advertise each produce on televisions. The companies who solely produce deodorants and antiperspirants spend their entire advertising budgets on the selling of their single produce – available in a multitude of scents.

Advertising is very powerful, and some customers will enter a store, with the sole intention of purchasing a specific product. If that item is not available, they will simply wait until the item of choice becomes obtainable. Stores and supermarkets have to hope for impulse purchases to get a customer for their deodorants.

Another tactic used by stores, is to produce their products very similar to the brand name alternative. By matching the chosen product as closely as possible, without infringing on copyright, there is a higher chance of a customer trying the item.

The products offered by the stores are typically of the same high quality and meet the same health and safety regulations of the branded items, and in most cases, the store labels have created varieties that are almost indistinguishable from the premium variety products.

Unless image is a concern – not wanting to be seen using anything other than a designer deodorant, the costs saved, and the choices available could mean it is worth considering a store label produce on your next shopping tri