Burlesque – From the Music Hall to the Pop Charts

Burlesque is a form of theatrical entertainment from the early part of the twentieth century that has seen a come back in recent times. Burlesque traditionally consisted pussy888 apk of satire and comedy, performance art and adult entertainment often performed by women. Women would wear lavish outfits made up of corsets, stockings and nipple tassels and acts would consist of strip teases, stand up comedy and more extreme acts like fire breathing.

The term burlesque means in an upside down style and appropriate name as many of the acts were often designed to turn peoples heads. The acts were specifically designed to push social boundaries of the norm and allow artists the freedom and flexibility to develop new styles.

Originally burlesque developed out of music hall shows in the 19th century. Burlesque came about as forms of working class comedy and entertainment that would poke fun and provide social commentary against the upper classes. Most of this comedy was considered lowbrow and vulgar to many which eventually led to the inclusion of strip teases and bizarre acts such as contortionists.

Many famous comedians and actors were inspired or had their roots in the genre. American comedy duo Abbot and Costello began life as a burlesque act. Charlie Chaplin took inspiration from many acts in Chicago and everyone from Jackie Gleason to Bob Hope have history with the genre.

In the late 90’s burlesque shows began to make a comeback and become more mainstream. New burlesque or neo burlesque acts began emerging in New York and Los Angeles with acts like Dita Von Teese gaining notoriety for their take on their genre. Many of these acts stuck to the tradition of the scene by wearing corsets, stockings and other hosiery and performing strip teases. Later acts like the Pussy Cat Dolls donned similar attire and performed songs in a provocative manner but didn’t have the same sort of ties to the genre.