Duck Hunting in Central Texas

Duck hunting in Central Texas is a popular sport and recreational  activity. This is an area full of agriculture and wildlife and Texas waterfowl such as ducks migrate throughout the state during various seasons. Duck hunting in Central Texas can be a great experience when you know where to go and how to be prepared.

Central Texas Mallard Hunting

The most common and popular duck to hunt in the Central Texas area is the Mallard. Around the Gulf Coast you will find redhead, widgeon, and pintails and puddle duck species are usually found in the south but in Central Texas, it’s all about the mallards and geese.


There are regulations surrounding duck hunting in Central Texas. You cannot just shoot a bird in the wild whenever you choose. Classified as Texas waterfowl, duck hunting is regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife organization. You need a hunting license to hunt for duck. A migratory game bird stamp endorsement ($7) is required to hunt any migratory game bird, including mourning dove(a Federal Sandhill Crane Permit also is required to hunt sandhill crane). An upland game bird stamp endorsement ($7) is required to hunt turkey, quail, pheasant, lesser prairie chicken, or chachalacas. Be sure you are following any and all regulations and that you have the proper licenses and endorsements before duck hunting in Central Texas.

Bag Limits

Just as with many other types of hunting, there are “bag limits” which determine how many ducks each hunter is allowed to kill on a particular hunting session or period of time. All wounded game is considered a dead animal and will be counted toward your bag limit. Always check for bag limits any time you are hunting without a guide to be sure you follow all legal game regulations for the area. Since the number of duck in an area can vary from season to season, bag limits can change as well.

Hunting Packages

One of the easiest ways to go duck hunting in Central Texas is as part of a hunting package. There are companies and agencies, some with lodges, that offer packages on protected land or hunting reservations. Often the hunting is limited to a certain number of hunters so the ducks are less spooked and the catch is more readily available.

These hunting packages will usually also help you get any licenses and registrations that you need before you set out on your hunting adventure. They can take you with a tour guide as well in case you don’t know where to go or how to properly identify ducks while hunting in the wild.

Cleaning and Processing Your Birds

When you go duck hunting, you need to do something with the birds afterwards. It is illegal to throw them on the ground or out in the woods after hunting. Most hunters will take them with them to be processed or to clean and process themselves for eating later. Before you plan duck hunting in Central Texas, you need to plan for the cleaning and processing of your birds when you are done.

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