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Who Wants To Write?

It is odd, but almost everybody I talk to has had some desire to write. Some may just want to tell others their family history, showcase a hobby, or keep in contact with friends. Others have bigger dreams, and they would like to write about concerns or political news. And of course, many would actually like to write fiction.

It is tough to be a published book or magazine author, and of all of those, many do not earn a full time living. But many thousands of people earn their living as freelance authors. Better yet,  because lots of people do it, does not mean that the market is saturated, especially if you approach the market with some skill!

The Demand For Internet Writers Is Huge

Website owners are usually people who must do a lot of different types of tasks. One very important thing every website owner has to do is to keep the content updated and fresh. They know this is one of the best ways to assure themselves of repeat visitors.

But many website owners are business or technical people who have to keep a lot of different activities scheduling. Even though they may start their website with content they create themselves, after a short time they realize that they can make a better use of their time by paying other people to do it. Website owners hire writers all the time.

The great thing about this type of freelance writing job is that the requested articles are usually short and simple. Three to five paragraphs, or about 500 words, is a fairly standard length for internet articles.

How To Find Online Article Writing Jobs

One great way to find steady customers is to make yourself known at websites where webmasters hang out. It is easy to find dozens, if not hundreds, of webmaster forums. Look for forums that have a buy and sell section because that is where you can post your services.

Look at the prices and services that best essay writing service reddit others are posting so you can check the market. It helps to be flexible and able to research all different sorts of topics. But if you want to specialize in specific topics, you may find a market too.

Be sure to introduce yourself, follow the posted rules, and present yourself in a professional and friendly manner. In order to start your business, you may need to offer some discounted review copies to senior members. If you offer this to a couple of members, perform your job well, and always remember to communicate, you should be on your way to obtaining quick and simple freelance writing work.

Another way to get business could be to attend meet ups or conventions that webmasters go to. These are great places to make contacts and pass out your business cards.


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