How to Create a PDF Document – PDF Software

PDF document or Acrobat document as sometimes it is called is a recent wonder in today digital publishing. Without PDF documents, handling of cross document types will be hard and troublesome. PDF documents are generally much lesser in file size compare to the original documents and it kept exactly the same format as the original documents without much loss in quality of the documents. Originally when PDF document was created, it is actually an object file i.e. like picture file. The whole document is converted into object file. But nowadays, you can do much more that object file with a good PDF creator software.

For example if person A have Microsoft Words software but person B do not have the same software, person A cannot share his document that was created with Microsoft Words with person B. Or take it from another angle, if person B is looking for a particular document or article but he do not have Microsoft Office which happens to be the most popular Office document software in the world, he will find it hard to find a document he found that he can opens to read. PDF document is not only reliable and cross platform supported as long as you have PDF viewer but it can be copyright protected or even view and alteration protected.

These features are important for business publishing or author of the how to delete pdf protection documents. A business may want to send sensitive document efficiently to another person or group of his business associates and the most efficient way is via email. In order to protect sensitive information from falling into wrong hands, a business may set the PDF document into “view and modification protected” with 128 bits encryption password. Fortunately 99% of the PDF viewer is free. Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF viewer today and it is free.

Obviously if you want to convert a document into PDF document, you will need software to do that. It is called PDF Creator or PDF Printer. There are dozens of software packages out there that can create PDF files for you with a single click. Generally this kind of software is not free, but they are not expensive either. The prices vary from below $20 to over $200 depending on the license and features available. Adobe Acrobat Professional is the most expensive among them. Generally the lower price PDF Creators do not come with advance features e.g. security protection enabled. However, there is a PDF Printer I am using myself in my internet marketing business that comes with full features, easy to use and performed as good as much more expensive Adobe Acrobat at a small fraction of the cost.

How To Create PDF Files? Follow These 3 Easy Steps: Usually for most PDF Printer, once you installed it will automatically inserted an “Add On” printer into your Microsoft Office (Words, Excel etc) or other compatible document creator software. The PDF software is added on as a printer (just like any other physical printer machine). In fact it is actually a digital printer.

The most common step to create PDF document is to open any file you wish to convert into PDF format, then go to “File” in the drop down menu and select print. Follow these steps:

1. Go to “File” –> Choose “Print” in any document creator software e.g.Words, Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. 2. Select the printer as the PDF Printer you have installed on your computer. 3. Save the PDF file into the folder you want.