Reliable or a scam?

We have had positive experiences using reviews for over 15 years. We have always trusted this site because we can find competitively priced accessories to customise our cars there. We wanted to share our positive review of this site to inform others that it is a trustworthy site and not a scam. is a reliable site for finding products that are hard to find elsewhere. 

We have placed orders for everything from small to large items like reversing radars, car radios and accessories. We can say that this site is reliable and not a scam.


It is important to keep a regular eye on for the best opportunities, as they regularly offer special deals on their products, such as €50 off a wide selection of items. You can also wait for clearance sales or events like Black Friday to find products at great prices.

The site is intuitive to navigate, the products are well organised and you can easily find what you need by selecting the brand of your vehicle in the tabs. We recommend ordering from testto get the most out of your car’s GPS.


About warranty and delivery

Reviews of Player offers products with warranty, with fast and free delivery in the Netherlands. The packages are delivered directly to your home by a professional, and in your absence you will be notified of the delivery. We found that the products were as described and there were no problems with the packaging. However, we never had to make use of the warranties offered, such as the 5-year warranty on the purchase of GPS and car radios, as we never experienced any problems with these products.


Customer service at player-gt is exceptional. 

Whenever we needed help, we were impressed by the speed and helpfulness of the responses. The interaction with the staff is warm and professional, which is rare for an online site.

You have the option of returning a product for a refund or satisfaction guarantee if the product does not meet your expectations. You even have 30 days to return, which is longer than the standard 14 days in the Netherlands. Moreover, unlike many other sites, they don’t charge a commission on returns and refunds are processed quickly.


In summary, we can only recommend player gt for its reliability, competitive prices and wide range of products. It is definitely worth adding it to your favourites and we would recommend this site to our friends who have not yet discovered it. The positive reviews of products like player-gt car radio are numerous and the few negative reviews always surprise us. We can honestly say that this site is very reliable and we will continue to place orders there.