Maintaining a Healthy Dog Coat on Your Dog

Dog coat to protect your pet

Using a dog coat is very important to protect “humans best friend” from cold or rain. Nowadays, dog coats are available in various colors, sizes and styles as well. There are waterproof dog coats, dog winter coats, fleece dog coats and normal dog coats to give your dogs a fashionable look and protect them from the extreme cold when ice starts forming. However, there are a few people who decide to opt for a pet coat to give them a different look, but the fact is that dogs need a coat not to look good only, but to feel good as well. We will feel glad to share a few facts about these pet coats in this article.

How do they work: According to recent researches, there are a few Powdercoating dogs that don’t need coat to get protection from cold as their body-fur works well to keep the winter chills away.

However they are just handful in number and most of the dogs require a coat to prevent the chill. In their advanced year dogs require a coat that helps it to keep its canine companion hot. During frosty days the dog also can enjoy a walk with its master wearing a well fitting coat. These coats help the dog from losing its body heat and getting colder during the chilly days of winter. Old dogs are not able to handle the changes in weather and require protection. Veterinarian suggests using coats such dogs that prefer to stay indoors during winter.

Dog Coats for winter: Waterproof coats are now available in several varieties. There are rug waterproof and winter coats, which work efficiently to keep your dog warm during winter. Some waterproof dog rugs are available in rain coat format which are easy to use. Nowadays, there are several companies that are manufacturing quality waterproof pet coats and you can avail them easily. Even a quality pet coat will not cost you more than $60. So don’t compromise with your pet’s health when you can avail one in such low price. Moreover, water proof coats are most important to keep your dog’s natural coat intact. Like you the pet will also prefer to get wet during the rainy season, but they don’t have the cleaning sense like their master and unwillingly make the room dirty by wriggling the mud inside the room. So don’t give it a chance and always use waterproof coat before you take your dog out for a walk. Health benefit of using a dog coat: Like its master, a dog can also get uncomfortable and chilled. While running in rain, dogs’ fur get wet and it takes a lot time to get dried. If the water gets soaked in its body, it has to suffer from cold for a long while. There are a few people who have witnessed their dog to suffer a lot from cold and recommended using a dog coat, more than depending on their natural coats.

Selecting dog coats: A piece of small cloth can give your best friend a different look and keep it perfectly warm. If you can choose a perfect one for your beloved pet than you can add a bit more to its natural, cute look. Winter coats and Christmas coats are very popular dog coats. Let your dog look trendier during the Christmas, use one which comes with different prints like Santa Clause, Christmas tree and many more. Take the proper measurement of your beloved pet before buying a coat for it. A wrong size of coat can be a threat to your dog’s safety. Don’t opt for the coat which is not made of quality material.