Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Save Money, Save Time

Looking for real estate marketing ideas that can save you money and time? There are many affordable real estate marketing ideas using social media tools, word-of-mouth campaigns, and even marketing templates. Here are just a real estate social media posts.

Real estate marketing ideas dealing with online and print marketing are perhaps the easiest and most obvious. Make sure your business cards are updated with your social media profiles. Create free “schwag” items like pens or mugs and give them to clients and friends. Consider vanity plates for your car and focus on word of mouth campaigns everywhere you go. Keep in mind the weight a hand written card of appreciation or thanks carries in this digital age. Other simple solutions might include:


  • Sponsor a local event for charity
  • Host a local meetup or even a tweetup
  • Create a local business and resource guide


When it comes to email marketing, a few real estate marketing ideas you can do yourself include simple email campaigns offering tips and advice. Regular e-newsletters are a snap to put together with free online templates. Sending out flash birthday cards or seasonal greeting with your photo and contact information keeps you on the radar. In fact, seasonal homeowner reminders and safety tips is a great way to stay connected. One great avenue is to create “weekender tips” that include coupons to local attractions. Other options to consider:


  • Work with local businesses to co-brand an email offer (send to both your contact lists)
  • Invite people to a local event or free online Webinar for homeowners
  • Provide rate updates and information
  • Surveys or polls your clients and sharing the results with others


You can’t discuss real estate marketing  ideas without addressing the blog and website aspect of your online presence. Consider creating an eBook that requires an email address for free download. This builds your subscription list. Podcast or video blogs on specific topics, especially when created in a series can be excellent attention grabbers. Client Q & A through a contact form in your sidebar is helpful and interactive. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles are easy to find on your site. Be sure to respond to blog comments in a timely fashion and create an ongoing conversation therein. A few more real estate marketing ideas for your website or blog:


  • Offer a free IDX search tool
  • Host a contest with prizes from local businesses
  • Post articles about local businesses or interesting neighborhoods on your blog


Today marketing is all about social networking platforms. You must have a Facebook account for your business. Fill out the profile completely and thoroughly with good detail. Take some time on this as people will read it to get a feel for you and your business. Additionally consider:


  • Sending daily birthday wishes
  • Commenting or Liking 3-5 posts every day
  • Updating your status with something fun and valuable once a day
  • Post helpful and relevant resources, links and information
  • Create a happy client photo album with testimonials
  • Create animated slideshows or a photo album for listings


Twitter is a new entity to many us, but don’t let it real estate social media posts  scare you away from leveraging the awesome power of this tool. When it comes to great real estate marketing ideas, Twiiter is just beginning to realize its full potential. Start by creating a Twitter profile and use to connect with people in your area. You can easily find people you know using Twitter’s “Find People” feature. Then begin tweeting valuable useful and interesting information! Things like:


  • Homeowner tips (easy repairs, projects, upgrades)
  • Post funny experiences and stories (related to your niche)
  • Local market info, updates
  • List yourself on Twitter directories: NearbyTweets, WeFollow, etc.
  • Be the first one to tweet about breaking news
  • Mention local event information
  • Always tweet your blog posts
  • Feel free to occasionally mention your professional expertise and activities


These are all simple and easy real estate marketing ideas that can significantly improve your exposure and maximize your following. There are plenty more, but these should get you started!


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