Samsung LE22B450 Review

To say that the Samsung LE22B450 is a good TV is definitely an understatement. In the 22 inch screen LCD region, the Samsung LE22B450 ranks high in many different aspects and the fact that it is one of the most affordable has made it a well sought after product. And with Samsung gaining a solid foothold of being in the elite class of LCD TV manufacturers, it takes a slight edge over other well known TV manufacturers who charge an arm and a leg for quality and features that can also be found on the Samsung.

First off, the Samsung LE22B450 belongs to the budget line-up of the LCD TVs that Samsung unveiled in 2009, which included a total of eight models in different screen sizes. This TV, belonged to the cellar dwelling series 4 which was aimed to first time and budget LCD buyers, and to those who just wanted an HDTV LCD without the frills and fanfare that they don’t know how to use or care about. Joining the Samsung LE22B450 are the 26 and 32 inch models. samsung au7700

Sadly, the Samsung LE22B450 lacks the Ultra Clear Panel found in the 6 and 7 series which reflects light off the screen for better viewing, that’s the sacrifices one has to make for an affordable LCD TV. But, this is not a screen to scoff at. It has a display resolution of 1366×768 pixels, is HD Ready with a 720p standard resolution, and has a dynamic 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

The construction of the main body unit gives a solid feel, and there is concrete support from the swiveling stand that comes with the Samsung LE22B450. Another slightly noticeable negative side of the TV is that its audio performance is not above average, this is the result of the arrangement of the speakers which downfires, but for regular viewing, audio clarity is sufficient in midrange and should be enough.

For some though, using cheap and LCD TV in one sentence means only one thing, poor image quality. This is not the case with this Samsung TV. Far from it,
the true test though to any LCD TV is its picture performance. Keeping in mind that the Samsung LE22B450 is set as the bottom rung of the line-up, the unit remarkably performed at par with its higher rung brothers, even those that are 2 or 3 levels ahead of it with its performance at delivering black levels, showing contrast and depth generously to its imaging. Other LCD TVs in the entry level showed that murky shadows spoiled the deep black areas of a scene; this was not the case with this Samsung TV.

Another aspect that needs to be lauded is the uniformity of the screen. Although in some cases, when a disc is loaded to a video source connected to the Samsung LE22B450, there are some fluctuations in the black levels, but just for a brief moment. After that, no fluctuations can be detected until the video ends. Other than that minor flaw, there are no others. The Samsung LE22B450 also rates highly at balancing colours and gives off a very natural output.

Its superb performance is due to the fact that Samsung has provided the Samsung LE22B450 with all the class leading technology it provides to its LCD TVs. For a unit that is considered to be an entry level, this sets the bar high for other LCD TVs in its range to follow.


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