Supporting Grief With The Help Of Essential Oils

My best friend just learned that her girlfriend, husband and kids crashed in their private plane during the Christmas Holidays. This sad accident took their lives in a few seconds. When this news came to her, it was so dramatic and intense that she went numb! She just couldn’t believe it,

After few days she was finally able to process the reality of what seamed so surreal and her body was crying looking for a soothing way to deal with the pain.

She is a very sensitive, very loving and caring person, she also is a phenomenal Reiki Master healer. I asked myself, how could I support her during this painful witchcraft store moment of her life?

I remembered that when my best friend passed away, I was very lost and also very numb. I got a lot of comfort by slowing down my hectic lifestyle for few weeks and went into a personal pilgrimage with the help of a metaphysical store where I bought my first bottles of pure essential oils. Pine, Rose, Frankincense became my best companions and my room became a shrine with peaceful aromas and candles where I grieved for many weeks.

I know that oils are like little angels in a bottle, if you ask for their help, the essences of the flowers, roots, stems, seeds, barks and all will help you travel through your personal healing journey.

So I offered Susan a very special bottle of pure “Rose Otto” oil because it is one of the best oil to elevate your frequency and also to heal yourself with the highest vibration called LOVE. Because she is very spiritual, she did not find that strange, she enjoyed the white seashell candle that I suggested she light while meditating in her sanctuary with the support of her Rose oil.

Aromatherapy is my language of love.

The beauty of grieving with aromatherapy is infinite.

Susan can do what ever feels right with the oil, maybe anointing her forehead with the healing symbol of infinity to help keep her third eye open? Maybe she could diffuse a few drops and just inhale the sacred rose mist?

Maybe she could just hold the bottle in her hands and pray with the intention of remembering good moments with her friend? Perhaps she could massage one little precious drop on her heart chakra and just enjoy the chance she has to be alive and happy with her blessings? Or just being grateful, for having met this precious family that left this earth?

I know she is using the Rose with great respect and the aromatherapy interlude warms her heart and eases her sorrow. Because Rose is a flower of Compassion, Devotion and Love, Susan has now found a natural aromatic pillar to grief with dignity. I love her so much and I wish for her to find peace and calm with her Rose angel.

Namaste and smell you later!

Marina Mermaid Dufort your Aromatherapist

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