That Old Devil Moon Herself – The Hunter Moon

Personal empowerment begins as you consciously delve into the mysteries that affect your behavior. Soon you’ll want to learn what influence that gorgeous Goddess Moon has upon your actions.

As you look up in the heavens this month and you feel more inclined toward romance, don’t just stay home and dream of love. Go out and actively pursue tracking down some gorgeous prey, the two legged kind. After all, this month is the Hunter’s Moon.

The Native Americans tracked their prey by the Hunter’s Moon, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. And in Northern Europe, it was the perfect time for shooting migrating birds.

What Makes This So Special?

The Hunter Moon is for hunting, either the two legged, four legged or those in flight? From sunset to moonrise, there is shorter period of darkness due to the seasonal tilt of the Earth. The Hunter’s Moon also appears bigger and brighter than the other moons, except for the Harvest Moon which just passed.

There’s usually a warm color to the Hunter Moon as it’s lower in the sky, passing through more atmospheric particles than when it’s higher in the sky. It’s reddish or orange tint accounts for another of its names, the Blood or That Old Devil Moon.

The warm color is one of the secrets of the Hunter Moon, why it incites us to hunt our prey. Warm colors always stimulate your feelings. The sheer size radiating down these warm colors liven up your emotions, giving way to your wild side, your passions.


Halloween is just two nights before the Full Moon itself. It is a perfect time for the trick-or-treaters to hunt down their candies and treats, threatening tricks of havoc for those that do not fess up their treats.

And for you, a little later, dress up as the sexiest, enticing costume while singing or humming “It’s that Old Devil Moon”. Red is the warmest of colors and it drives men wild. No wonder they’ve always called us the “She Devil”. Monks were to turn down their heads, never to look us in the eyes.