The Night of My Life in Soho

I treated my Saturday night out in London as if it was my first. New to London and excited and eager to venture out in this fine city to discover what was on offer. My destination was Soho in London which has a reputation across the word for hedonistic and fun loving partying. It can sometimes be misunderstood with the seedy and sinister undertones to the area perhaps putting people off but I was determined to discover whether Soho was still the place to party in London and perhaps the world over.

There are many places for clubbing in Soho whether it is big  yalla shoot  room DJ action or perhaps a more intimate and surprising Soho bar that you are after. I love the vibrancy, multi-cultural blast of the senses when walking around Soho. There is a party atmosphere and the opportunity to meet, chat, party and become friends with people from all over the world. I decided I would take a nice wander down Wardour Street and explore the secret little back streets and make my way down to Old Compton Street. I was amazed about the new restaurants and bars that had sprung up across Soho with pretty much every major global cuisine represented.

After some tasty food at the Beirut street food restaurant Yalla Yalla, it was time to for a few drinks and to let the partying in Soho begin!

We started off with some cheap drinks at the lively and brash Bar Soho. This place does fantastic happy hours so it is a great bar in Soho for cheap drinks and to get the night going. Once we had enjoyed some delicious cocktails, we decided we wanted to fin a new bar in Soho that was exciting and offered something different. The Green Carnation was the destination we found. This is gay friendly bar with a fantastic atmosphere with old world furniture and full of character. The music was fabulous with mainly commercial tunes pumping out including Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson. This is a great club in Soho for a personal clubbing experience as the venue is intimate and offers an opportunity to find yourself a little cubby hole to meet new people or just take a break from the main buzz of the place.

At this point we were ready for some serious clubbing in Soho. We had plenty of options on offer including Floridita, Shadow Lounge and The Groucho Club but we settled for the fabulous Madame Jo Jo’s. I had never been to this club in Soho but I had heard a lot of about it. There was a queue to get in but the crowd was international, friendly and up for it so there was plenty of banter before we got in. We had such a good night in Madame Jo Jo’s, it’s a melting pot of burlesque, glam and boutique clubbing all rolled into one. There are so many characters and fun people in this club which made the experience even better. We danced around to 1930’s music mixed in with modern classics. The place has a lot of energy and is totally different to the usual bland nightclubs that you find in central London.

We finished our amazing Soho night out with some Asian food at 3am from Tuk Tuk, which almost felt like we were finishing a night out in Bangkok! Soho didn’t disappoint and confirmed to me that it is still the best place in the world for a night out with some of the best bars in London and maybe the world.


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