Various Identification Methods in the World of Biometrics

The name ‘biometrics’ is control de acceso biometrico enough to increase the curiosity among individuals. Although it might sound very simple, but biometrics actually describes a vast area of security. While talking about biometrics, it is not considering only the face recognition system but there are plenty of systems that are based on the same field yet, their purpose is someway different. Basically biometrics is based on recognizing the biometric features of the individuals. It offers the security by recognizing fingerprints, voice, retina, or face of the individuals. Different security solution possesses different identification methods for offering security at various places.

While choosing the security solution for guarding the premises or other places, it is necessary to know about all the biometric security systems in detail. It will help you to decide, the right one for your premise. Like every other security devices, biometric security systems have also got some limitations. After all flaws and benefits are the two sides of the single coin! So, while knowing about the various biometric based products, also emphasize on the limitations so that you can take better precautions if necessary.

Different Identification Methods:
While talking about the security systems, let’s follow the hierarchical structure so that you could know about the efficiency of the devices better. The various security systems can be listed as follows:

* Biometric Fingerprint System:
As the name suggests, the device offers security by recognizing the fingerprints of the individuals. The device is compact enough to keep anywhere. When a person enrolls first time, the device captures the fingerprint of the individuals and stores in the database of the computer. When the person re-visits the premise then, the device again captures the fingerprints and performs a matching process between the older stored patterns and the newest captured patterns. When it finds the match, it grants the authentication else it denies.

It has a number of limitations but the major ones are:
* It has a limited user capacity. Its services cannot be extended when needed.
* It is a slower process.

* Biometric Retina Scanner System:
An amazing biometric solution is the eye scanner system. The biometric product offers the security recognizing the retinal pattern of the eye. The solution is based on the similar enrollment process like other biometric products. When the user enrolls, the system stores the retinal patterns in the database of the computer. During the return visit the system matches the older to the newest captured patterns. If it finds the match then it grants the authentication.

The major limitations are:
* It consumes a lot of time in order to grant the authentication.
* Since it captures the retina, so any distortion of the eye can ruin the process. So, one has to be attentive as it cannot resist changes.

* Biometric Face Recognition System:
The latest biometric security solution is the biometric face recognition system. The face recognition system offers utmost security by recognizing the facial patterns of individuals. The solution performs the face recognition process by capturing the facial details during the enrollment process. Then, whenever the person revisits the premise the face recognition system capture the facial details and perform the matching process in order to grant the authentication.

The biometric face recognition system is efficient in offering the security at premises as well as it takes below average time to grant the authentication. Thus, it saves a lot of productive time. It does not have any storage limitation or strength limitation. Thus, face recognition system can be effectively used in different premises.

Now, when you know all the shortcomings as well as the benefits regarding the biometric solutions, decide accordingly, which one suits your premise the best. Do not hurry, while you are planning for your own security because security is the major need for everyone’s life.