Want to Start a Freelance Writing Business? Here Are Some “Hidden Costs” You May Not Have Thought Of

Freelancing is growing by leaps and bounds nowadays, as more and more companies downsize and look for ways to cut expenses. Proof? According to a 2012 global business survey by Elance, an online freelance marketplace, on average, survey respondents predicted more than half of their workforce (54% to be exact) would be found online in five years.

And the main reason these employers gave for hiring online talent? They [found] that talent online is better than or equal to what’s available locally, and in part, are leveraging online workers to do work that they would have done themselves or not done at all.

Freelance Writing is a Booming Online Business: Here’s Why

Freelance writing happens to be a hot, easy-to-start online business. Proof? Again, according to the aforementioned Elance survey, writers, content creators and bloggers were the third most desired skill set; wanted by 38% of reddit essay writing service companies. As an aside, the top two desired freelance skills were web programmers and graphic designers.

3 Hidden Costs of Starting a Freelance Writing Business (Note: They Can Be Mitigated)

One of the reasons freelance writing appeals to so many is that it costs practically nothing to start. I know this first-hand (as I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993). But, there are some hidden monthly fees that can creep in and add up if you’re not careful. Following are three of them.

1. Domain Name Registration: While registering a domain name is cheap (it can literally be done for less than $5 per year depending on which type of domain you register, if you start registering a lot of them it adds up.

And this is easy to do. Why?

Because when you freelance, inevitably you start to set up websites. For example, you may have one website set up for your niche writing services (eg, medical copy editing) and another one for general writing services you offer.


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