Wedding Candy Buffet Especially for Your Sweet Tooth

What a delightful, fun and affordable way to treat your guests then with a Wedding Candy Buffet.

If you have little favor boxes at the table it also acts as your wedding favors and it then becomes a budget saver. best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression There are many ways you can decide to present the candy.

It could carry on your theme or your theme colors, and a perfectly stunning table is an all white candy presentation.

You can, as some couples do, have the candy buffet instead of a wedding cake and add several other treats. They might be cup cakes, brownies, small or cream puffs.

You do need to consider certain things if you opt for a candy buffet. You do want the table to look elegant and tasty and abundant.

1. Design Your Wedding Candy Buffet:
It would not do to just put out bulk bowls of candy and that is why you would do well to design a theme table.

2. Coordinating Candy Colors With your Wedding Theme Colors:
The white candy table is becoming very popular and for good reason. It really makes a gorgeous presentation. Also, to match it with your theme colors is quite lovely.

3. Wedding Theme:
When you make this candy table a part of your theme, look for choices that will carry out the theme.

4. Retro:
Nostalgia and good times come to mind with this candy table. Look for candy that takes you and your guests back to the sweetness and innocence of childhood and youth.

5. Hearts:
Your wedding is the ultimate day of love and romance. So think of a table of only heart shaped candy to express this special day.

One big mistake that is often made when doing a candy buffet is not buying enough candy for their table and guests. best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression

About five to twelve different types of candy should be displayed, and it is best to buy at least two to three pounds of each type.

Popular wedding candies include:

* Pillow or butter mints
* Foil chocolate hearts are popular.
* M&Ms or similar chocolate candies
* Candied almonds
* Wrapped chocolates
* Miniature candy bars
* Candy sticks
* Chocolate mints
* Conversation hearts
* Chocolate kisses
* Life Savers
* Jelly Beans
* Taffy
* Lollipops
* Rock Candy
* Gummi candies

Very possibly all of the candy will not be consumed or taken as favors, but a thin buffet looks less elegant. more like it was just thrown together. The containers should always look full and have a good variety to choose from.

The most economical way is to buy in bulk and many retailers online offer a wide range in different quantities.

If the wedding is shortly after a holiday you can often pick up seasonal candy at heavily discounted prices.

To make sure your candy buffet is a sweet and lasting experience here are some things to help:

1. Display the candy in tiers to create a visually attractive and appetizing table. This is also a table space saver.

2. Decorate the candy table with color themed linens and perhaps tie bows around the scoop handles.

3. Make sure that each type of candy has the correct scoop or tongs to fit the bowl, jar or other containers. If the candy is wrapped a scoop is not necessary.

4. When you are planning this to be your wedding favors be sure to have favor bags or boxes at the candy buffet table, too.

5. If your guests have a special dietary need you should include sugar free candies or other treats labeled so they know it is especially for them.

Your wedding candy buffet can be lovely to look at and a sweet addition to your reception. It takes some coordination, planning and creativity and there will be something for everybody’s sweet tooth.

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