Will You Quit Smoking Weed in 2010?

Another year spent smoking weed?

Do you want to quit weed and get on with your life?

Then make it your sole purpose to do it in 2010. Meaning that if you could only achieve one thing for the whole year then let quitting weed that one thing. If you smoke $20 of weed a day and quit today, then this time next year you would have $7280! If you stop smoking cigarettes as well then you would save another $1500.

I promise you, when you quit smoking weed the other things you want become much easier to get, your head is clear and priorities seem to change. You will find that doing things like keeping your place tidy, talking to people and anything that used to seem like a chore will be ‘for filling’ and fun.

So are there any bad points? weed online bestellen

Well yes, the actual quitting weed part of the program is what stumps a lot of people.

We all know what it’s like to have no weed. There mere words ‘no weed’ sends fear to most reading this. But why should it? You are going to feel so much better when you quit, no more feeling lethargic or as I like to call it ‘zombified.’ Having more energy than you can remember will feel like you are young again, or for those of you who are still young, you will feel more energetic, healthier and happier than you have felt in years.

Does quitting weed really make that much difference?

Hell YEAH!

It’s a slow decline, many weed smokers don’t see it. But think about how active you were when you first started. How much wittier you were and how much better your memory was. It doesn’t happen over night, but slowly over time weed affects every area of our lives. It affects us when talking to people, it affects our confidence along with our health.

Is smoking worth it?

When we consider all the benefits of quitting weed and compare them to the reasons to smoke, smoking weed doesn’t make sense.

* The money it costs
* The energy it takes
* Bad memory
* Bad relationships with those around you
* Paranoia
* Anxiety
* Stress
* Depression
* Lack of emotions
* Getting nowhere in life

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