Your Cell Phone Shopping Options

Cell phones are such a part of daily life that we consider them a necessity. Apart from ‘old people’ it’s rare to find a person without one. Inexpensive products like Tracfone, a prepaid cell phone, make phones accessible to all. Minorities, students and those with limited income don’t want to be in a contract for 2 years. The service is too costly for purchasing a phone and you usually have to pay more for the cool phones anyway. You can get a good basic phone for $15 and buy the time. Airtime cards are more per minute but easily managed when reserved for emergencies or limited use. Parents give this to their kids for emergencies and general updates to their whereabouts. Immigrants may lack credit scores or other information required to get a cell phone with other providers. sell my mobile home fast They use calling cards to communicate with loved ones outside the country. Free of traditional service requirements, the phones are in major retail stores, to buy ‘over-the-counter’. Essentially, your local grocery store is now a cell phone shop. You can easily locate the display where ever you go.

Wal-mart could easily be considered the largest cell phone shop around. They started with in-store service provider booths, like a kiosk in a mall. A trained sales person handled contracts separate from Wal-mart. Recently, they expanded exclusivity with Straight Talk. A product made by Tracfone, which offers services comparable to the carrier, Cricket. The biggest market is low income consumers and immigrants. Prepaid calling cards have been the best option for minorities and are found in places they frequent-including gas stations. There are no obligations to give a name, address or social security for the retention of anonymity.

These Tracfones will continue to show up in various grocery stores/super centers and may be well on its way to the corner gas station near you! The selection of phone brands and prices vary between locations. Basic models of LG, Samsung, Motorola, and Kyocera range from $14.99-$49.99. Options like Bluetooth capabilities and cameras make them competitive with other providers. You can see all the models options online are may get a better deal at Some models come with double minutes for the lifetime of the phone. Both this website and have frequent online promotions for airtime cards and other accessories or just pick one up when you get gas.